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Twas hours before an occasion and all through the Tower
All the creatures were preparing and counting the hours

The spotlights were hung by the trusses with care
Knowing that party people soon will be there

The LEDs were nestled all snug in their spot
With visions of flashing without getting hot

Out from the hallway there arose such a clatter
As tables were set up for congregations to chatter

Across was the dance floor, which sent off a flash
And pulsing lights were tested for slow and for fast

Engineers worked on creating the lightshow
And gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below

When what to one’s wondering eyes should appear
More technicians at the door to create atmosphere

They spoke not a word but were jolly ol’ elves
Filling the hall with colors and taking pride in themselves

Laying a podium aside of the floor
They tidied the wires and dashed out the door

Ahead of the guests by more than a nose
From the drab old room, a new feeling arose

Beautiful couches and chairs and tables with lights
Curtains and drapes and a round bar, twas a sight

The mood rose to delight as the people arrived
And at the end of it all the sturdy equipment survived

One can hear Tower as they drove out of sight
Happy soiree to all, and to all a good night!